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Well at last we get some rain.....first significant amounts for this year. Oh forgot we got about an inch of hail acouple weeks ago. The grass is coming around slowly but the weeds are coming big time. It has been a little cool to attack them with anything except speed zone.

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Our biggest HOA with about 20 flower beds decided to skip winter flowers. Now here are the plants from last year coming back out So I hit them with pill bug bait and liquid fertilize and may need no summer flowers.
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This is my street project to see if I can get something nice looking in an area with no irrigation. I do haul some water to these when I am getting them started. I am getting a lot of comments by HOA....impressed with what can be done with little water. I dig this stuff where I can find it.

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This is one of our condo units you can see that we are getting a little green. Across the street the are building this huge big apt complex

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Keep in mind they started on this in November and last week none of this lumber was up. The concerete was poured and that was it. There is an army working on this. And this is happening all over the north part of the city.

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Notice the food truck.
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