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Originally Posted by kc2006 View Post
The issue isn't being in debt it's valuing yourself too little. If I wanted to make 15-20 an hour I'd go work at the steel mills. I run my own business and with that comes perks and higher pay rate than just being a lacky. You can do fuzzy math all you want and profit $60 an hour because you have no debt, but then come back to reality and see that all the non billable hours shoot your prices down.

Lets take your $10 gate drop instance outlander, you made $10 in 5 minutes that's good money...once or twice a year when a neighbor asks you to do their place. I do regular places that take 5 minutes and charge them $30, you probably think that's stupid and think why would he do that. I say why not. Your person that you charged 10 bucks, how many other $10 lawns came from it and how many viable long term customers you'll retire on came from it?

Not trying to be a prick, just saying too many people would rather say "I only charge this much and have THIS MUCH work." I'd rather say I charge THIS MUCH and have this much work.
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Amen! Outlander is from Canton, he's used to $10 mowings lol. Guess that's big money to him! Give me a break. Some people get it, some don't.
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