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Originally Posted by OUTLANDER View Post
Dont you mean people would rather cheap out looking for good service than pay HIGH prices because some certain LCO's are in over their head in debt?......I mean how can you put a price line out there, really?. I price my jobs accordingly. If you really are experienced as you think then you can honestly make profit by caculating the cost of any specific job you're doing right? it be $15 or $50. I've dropped my gate for $10 before which took maybe 5 minutes a, and got so much more work from this particular customer since then.......Hope you all have a good season
Didn't realize you were my accountant or knew my finances.

Maybe if you moved out of your mommies basement you would realize that mowing ANYTHING for $10 is a joke. I charge a neighbor of one of my customers that much to blow their drive and walk off every week when I mow my customers.
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