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Originally Posted by kc2006 View Post
The issue isn't being in debt it's valuing yourself too little. If I wanted to make 15-20 an hour I'd go work at the steel mills. I run my own business and with that comes perks and higher pay rate than just being a lacky. You can do fuzzy math all you want and profit $60 an hour because you have no debt, but then come back to reality and see that all the non billable hours shoot your prices down.

Lets take your $10 gate drop instance outlander, you made $10 in 5 minutes that's good money...once or twice a year when a neighbor asks you to do their place. I do regular places that take 5 minutes and charge them $30, you probably think that's stupid and think why would he do that. I say why not. Your person that you charged 10 bucks, how many other $10 lawns came from it and how many viable long term customers you'll retire on came from it?

Not trying to be a prick, just saying too many people would rather say "I only charge this much and have THIS MUCH work." I'd rather say I charge THIS MUCH and have this much work.
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I do understand your point and agree some, in some cases. For the most part however, loyalty and honesty with the work i do goes much further than just the furtunes im gaining. I stay honest to my customers and it usually goes a fullcircle. With that said, its not the guys you are worried about that are out there competing with your work or even outdoing your work for less. Its actually yourself you're afraid of because maybe you're on that threshhold of your own customers not trusting you that much.........NOT saying you in particular, just saying some of these errogant azzes out here that think they know it all and never have nothing good to say to or about any competition
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