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Originally Posted by herler View Post
Fine, but informing the customer that you need to rent a tiller doesn't ring cash in a customer's mind.
In your mind, telling the customer you have to rent a tiller means it is going to cost more.
In the customer's mind it means you are going to go rent one.
You know, stop calling to tell me that, go rent it already.

You need to clarify to the customer the exact dollar amount the bid is increasing by, you can even skip the explanation, just tell them it's going to cost $xxx more.

That having been said, if you had approval on that extra $250 that brings your total to $350 + $250 = $600

You might can get away with that, if she agreed to the $250.
And it's still a better shake than $250 to $350
Just not $970, whether you think it's fair or not.

You can only charge what the customer agreed to pay

So let me make sure I understand you correctly, You think the customer was under the impression I was supposed to eat the cost of the Tiller because I did not include renting the tiller in the original Bid?

Which is right! I didn't include the cost of renting a Tiller in the first bid. Because I didn't need to rent a tiller. I also was under the impression I was doing the front of the house Flower beds & why I didn't include the cost to rent a Tiller in the first bid.

When customer wanted to extend the flower beds through the sod on the side of the house. That was when I needed to rent a Tiller!!!! Had the customer not extended the flowerbed along the side of the house. Then there would have been no need to rent a Tiller! The customer already had a pre existing flower beds in front of the house.

No add on & no Tiller. That means the bill drops dramatically!

-$100 Tiller
-$200 labor
-$50 soil
-$15 Fuel

I quoted $350 for the front flower beds! Bill came in at $930. Subtract the above had the customer not extended the flowerbeds & that $930 number drops to $615

$400 in labor
$100 in soil
$45 in Fuel
$20 in reimbursement for Landscaping Stakes

Thus bringing the bill from $930 to $570 after materials & Fuel!

Had she not extended the flower bed over fresh sod then the job would have been right at what I bid to begin with
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