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Originally Posted by Restrorob View Post
The OEM belt you need for your machine is part # 2722160, It's also available in a aftermarket "OEM replacement", It's 5/8"x 73 3/8" long and is raw edged..... Once this belt is installed engage the deck with engine off and adjust the two flat bar belt guides under the engine, The flat part of the guide should be parallel with the belt and 1/8 to 3/16" from touching the belt.

With this done your belt chirp'n/skip'n/flop'n issue should be history......
Uh no, I just looked that belt up. That is used on the newer machines with Electric way for the belt to "catch" with an electric clutch... Definitely not the correct belt for this machine.

What are the model numbers of the machine you are working on? You may have 2 tags on the machine. One on the back half of the machine and one on the mower deck. Get all the numbers and post them up so we can find you the correct belt number.

Might be a 38442 but could be others depending on model numbers

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