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Originally Posted by LuckyFlyinROUSH View Post
...close thread...obviously when I ask a simple question...we all cannot reply with a simple answer...

Alot of my competitors have our suppliers pictures on their websites...not even their own.

I honestly wouldn't of cared if you would of just thrown me an obsurd number so I don't feel bad about my bid...estimate..proposal...

Reality is...everyones in a bidding matter how friendly and how well you know your work and product. I have talked on the phone, talked in person, and talked via emails to customer...even about how we both were alumni at Mizzou and had a great 30 minute conversation about basketball...and still not get the job....therefore everything is a bid/estimate/whatever your heart desires to call it.

Thanks for your time.
You have to understand this is the WWW. Thousands of people are reading these posts seeking the same information you are.

As a professional - it's a daily battle dealing with low ball pricing. And when the topic of pricing comes up in this forum I'm going to respond from an entirely different angle. I can't say "yeah that's a great number", because only you will ever know if it is not not. So I try to get your mind fixed to where you're actually accounting for every dime affiliated with the job. This way you're not selling yourself short. And not misleading someone else who is lurking in the shadows of this forum seeking the same info.

In the archives you'll find where so many veteran contractors whine about being under priced. Yet the same contractors are posting misleading information in this forum! Perhaps the contractor that underbid them and got the job was reading this forum and used the info provided.
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