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In my eyes it all comes down to would you rather have 30 lawns at $20 a pop or 20 lawns at $30. There's far too many guys that get into the lawn industry just to make a living, then there's those of us that want a viable business. So to some $20 an hour bring home (in fuzzy math to boot) is great, and to some $20 an hour is what goes into their investment fund. I'm not knocking anyone personally, just the masses of idiots. I know the joys of free business is anyone can charge whatever, but when so many people undervalue themselves it pulls everyone down with them. Heck I remember when I first worked for someone else 11 years ago he would get $50 for lawns I would price at $35 today and still not get, and the work that company put out was just average, nothing great. It's supply and demand almost, anymore there's such a surplus of us that it keeps going down.

On a side note I survived the wrath of enviroscabs, they didn't get any of my commercial work and I'm pretty sure I got a hotel and a bunch of apartments back from their local lovers.
I might retire today
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