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Hello everyone,
Not sure of others but I have seen Dupont become a Steward of the Environment, at least in the eyes of this homeowner. Dupont has done well for me and my issues. I don’t expect Dupont to fail on the final aspect of it’s completion of mission to the US landowners. When Dupont turned over it’s removal and disposal of the Imprelis damage to third parties, then well- that’s where the last 25% of Stewardship remains, and that’s dealing with third party vendors and me and such. Dupont contracts with a “third party” vendor. Vendors are not looking out for Dupont interest or the home owner, they are looking out for only themselves- margins and only margins. Tree removal, minimal root removal, adding soil, and smoothing over the close area is all that remains. This is where the homeowner has to do battle with the third parties actually wrecking havoc with Duponts reputation. Yes I am retired, yes I am too old to physically fix what Davey won’t do at Duponts expense which I believe is very generous to Davey nationwide. My area of square footage in question is only 22 X maybe 50 sq feet or less. This requires 1 additional day of smoothing, compacting and clean-up. Davey refused siting contract obligations. This probably goes beyond Davy’s 50% margins. Not good for me, not good for Dupont and now not good for Davey. If they weren’t so greedy a 20-30% margin would have still been OK for Davey. At this point in time Davey’s slang language by their non professional attitude and misunderstanding by their representative to a homeowner on my property with their take it or leave it attitude did not sit well with me. A Davey representative of the company actually stated that they will not be “chasing roots all over my lawn” was their interpretation of my request. A depth of 6-8 inches will be sawed below soil level per Davey but this will cause the remaining close tree roots to remain indefinitely and I cannot mow over them which creates holes, humps and hills. I repeated that 6-8 inches is OK but out to 10 feet would be necessary and only where the root was- not a swimming pool effect all over. Then a soil dump, smoothed/leveled out and grass seeded. This was just too much for a (Tree & Lawn Care Experts Since 1880) as his business card quotes. Unfortunately this remains unresolved and will cause further harm to the home owner. Dupont needs to find other tree removal experts that are in the geographical area so that Davey does not have a monopoly on Duponts business or just pay me and I will become the tree removal expert as I have 20 years of Operational Management. Currently I am getting back with Duponts Claim Department Email address and stating that I want the Davey payoff if Davey cannot perform and I will remove the trees because I will keep following up or withhold payment until I have satisfaction that my lawn will be returned to level grade. This is no reflection on Dupont but just make it right.
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