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I have no idea what you mean by saying that you have seen DuPont "become a steward of the environment." Please back that up!!?? We are in litigation, and so far DuPont has been nothing but 100 % difficult. Although they have stated that some trees will be okay with just "care" it's taken them 2 years to come up with that. Meanwhile, damaged trees are standing by un cared for. They are refusing to do anything about bushes. No coverage for trees that aren't completely dead. They are spending more and more money to try to nit-pick through our claim. If they were "stewards" many more people and trees would have been taken care of or replaced and they wouldn't have gotten into this horrible mess to begin with. It all goes back to DuPont. I won't buy any product that has the name DuPont on it. DuPont deserves to have it's reputation blown up!
As far as the 'third parties', DuPont should have never done things that way----our lawn care company thought they would profit from dealing with our entire HOA as a group, but that turned out to be the worst thing to do. They are just not smart enough. DuPont should just pay up---3 times the damage as mandated by our state's treble laws, and allow us to hire whom we want. That would be making it "right', as we were told from the beginning. I will never trust DuPont again.
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