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Okay for the local area I'm stuck leading reasons for Spring aeration over Fall.

#6. Late Autumn to Fall aerations requires sprinkler flagging while every Joe six pack is doing $15-$25 blowouts. I've missed a number of Fall aerations since Harry Homeowner forgot about that factoid. So because of Fall blow outs plug quality is horrid due to often inadequate soil moisture. Unless you can time it around rain storms. Don't hold your breath.

#5. If you are running a reciprocating Plugr 800 series or Ryan recip 28....yes the up and down tine action going are in fact pulling a significant greater number of plugs per square foot and all the extra soil volume helps break down thatch layer. I call it the dirt top dress effect. The rolling tine units just are not popping the plugs up in the grass tops like my Plugrs the mower blades can break them up as well as they can since there just are not as many plugs [rolling tine] and they tend to lay further down in the grass. And for the record I dread having to mow over my Plugr 850 aerations. It is a nasty dirty choke fest np95 type job. Mowing over a rolling tine aeration is a dream come true yes even a double pass....still dreamy. Check out my Youtube video for proof.

#4. For the largely stubborn pool of people who insist on drowning their lawns 2-3 times a day then over fertilize on top of that then scratch their skulls wondering why they’re are issues with the grass....I'd much rather plug their lawn in the Spring than pretend a power raking will do much good. Many of them still rake up the plugs or bag them with a mower. And this is after telling them 2-4 times not to do this.

#3. I get fairly burned out in the Fall since I work solo. I still need to find some female personal trainer types to help me market and do these aerations then maybe I won't dread them as much and we can can all make a pile of loot in the process.

#2. All the big application Co. do more Spring than Fall.

#1. People here loose interest in the grass in the Fall. Some even blow out sprinklers and it's still hot out. They also skip the fertilizer as well. The most important one of the season.
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