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Originally Posted by dehofflawncare View Post
need some advise from the experts. I have a customer who wants approximately 1000 sq ft. of zoysia removed from their lawn. They want to make way for a mulch bed. My thought is that I would use a sod cutter to do this. I am responsible for removing the sod and disposal after. It is a pretty good slope that this is on. I do not have experince with zoysia, it is not common in pa where I am. My question is what would you charge and is a sod cutter the best way to do this. I thought about a skid loader but the slope makes me nervous. Would you spray the area after to make sure zoysia is all gone. Any help would be appreciated.
Your chances of getting rid of all the Zoysia roots is next to impossiable. The roots go deep and it will come back, a lot sooner than you realise. Be prepaired for an on going battle with the Zoysia.
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