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Well I feel like I completely blew this job on so many different levels. But in my heart I think I did my very best & held my self to the standard of doing it right. I just didn't take in account for the soil in my bid which alone was $150 & I didn't take in account for my fuel hauling out the 3 truck loads of old Mulch & soil that was mixed in when I raked out the old mulch & fuel to pick up 3 loads of dirt & 1trip to get the Tiller on & once I pulled out the root system on the Nandina's there was just clay left & that is when I relized I needed to bring in soil & then when the customer wanted to extend the flowerbed & add to the job after my original bid I relized I had to rent a tiller which bumped the cost up another $100

So there was over $300 in Equipment cost & Material & fuel cost that I didn't even think to put in the bid. But had I ate the cost of the fuel & Tiller I would have lost money on the job & I get the impression that the customer thought I should have ate the cost of Fuel & Tiller. Im sure they wouldn't have had a problem paying for the soil.

My Biggest regret was not finishing the job & getting After pics cause it would have been a nice project on my resume for my business. That Flower bed job was HUGE & the biggest Flower bed job I have done to date
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