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I think it sounds like a good idea...that is...if your client is very green inclined. I don't think it spreads so rapidly that it will become a problem in a neighbor's lawn. And if so, the neighbor can just spray the clover with herbicide. And this is the problem--except for crabgrass control, you cannot apply a herbicide so the lawn will gradually become weedy. I do not believe the claim that the clover will crowd out weeds--exaggeration, in my mind. And remember clover only adds about one pound of nitrogen per year. And the white flowers, they are only present for about (I estimate 3 weeks); the special "Microclover" I am skeptical, probably has almost as many flowers.
And remember clover needs a pH of about 7 or more. And prolonged drought may kill it. It is an amazingly good would have put me out of business. No weed control permitted and no fertilizer needed--in fact nitrogen is detrimental to clover. Lawn care not needed (except pre-emergent).
True, my strongly green leaning daughter tried clover on her yard, in Maryland. It did fairly well for whatever remained of her yard after the drought of 2012
This needs a side by side test. Is anybody willing to try it?

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