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Originally Posted by exmarkking View Post
Exmark even states that its not mandatory to use their brand filters. I'm willing to bet they are both made by the same company, in the same plant. so the question is, if I cut both of them open and take pics of the insides being identical, how many of you would still spend triple the amount for the same filter with the companies logo on it?
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You'd prolly lose that bet....Napa does not build filters for Exmark...
Gambling with aftermarket hydro filters is an expensive game....
Did you ever wonder why OEM filters are priced higher..????
If it can be proven that their filter caused or contributed to a hydralic failure...
They have to eat the repair job....Think Napa will replace your 400 hr hydros...gonna be a long wait...
There is a cost in warrantying a product and it is included in the price..
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