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Sorry, not in response to Tom Tom, but just general talk about the SMT. I have installed about a dozen of these and for the most part I am pretty happy with them. The navigation on them is a bit clunky and sometimes you have to scroll through an entire section in order to get to the next section, which is a bit lame. I have had similar over watering issues with them and have had to dramatically reduce my opinion of what "full sun" is. I too elevated the temperature cutoff to mid 40's and the rain accumulation adjustment as well.

I have never really felt terribly comfortable with the "Next Irrigation Estimate" review portion. To be honest, im not sure exactly how to interpret it. There are times where it will show a spray zone in the shade due to come on for 45 minutes and a rotor zone in the full sun will be coming on that day for 52 minutes. I have checked all the settings for each zone and it still doesn't add up. Overall I have had to dial back some zones by percentage, but it seems to be pretty reliable overall.
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