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Originally Posted by exmarkking View Post
No hocus pocus here buddy. We need to just look at the pleats, how loose or tightly packed they are, type of material, by pass springs, cases, ect. The thing is everyone is scared to gamble on filters for hydros, and I get that, I was once too. But people post on here their opinions which is not the same as scientific facts. I'm looking at this from a fact based view not opinion. . But let's say that we find out
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This is not an opinion....its a fact....
If your hydros fail during the warranty period ...with an aftermarket filter installed on the system....
Whether the filter caused the failure or voided the warranty....
Is saving $10 to $20 really worth having to shell out $1000 to $2000...or more...
Figured id get you some real numbers to gamble with....see you in Vegas....
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