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Originally Posted by GaryBK View Post
Yes I do leave my truck idle all day to power my electric pumps, but that costs me probably and extra $10/day. Which for me isn't worth the hassle or NOISE of a gas powered pump. I'm spraying at 6am and the customers don't even hear me spraying their lawns. However I don't have a need to agitate my fertilizer or herbicide. The sloshing from driving between jobs is enough for me.
Gary, I understand your question. To be honest, I started with this same exact sprayer and had a Delavan FatBoy 7gpm/150psi pump on it. I paid $200 for the brand new Delavan and that was off ebay. It worked ok, but the above poster hit the nail on the head about agitation. I just couldn't get enough of it while spraying at the same time. Plus, the battery voltage issue.
I agree with you about the noise. There's no arguing that. 12 volt is quieter. Cost comparison... 6.5 Harbor Freight engine was $110. The roller pump was $116 or something like that. Pretty close to the cost of the Delavan I bought.
Fuel cost? It takes about $3 to fill my engine up. I can only run it at half throttle due to the pump's rpm restriction. At half idle it burns one tank of fuel in 3 hours. That equates to $1 per hour in fuel cost. I think when you compare the 2, noise is the only winning factor for 12 volt pumps.
If you compare it to high dollar gas/pump combos there is a lot of price difference. For what I do though, the roller pump works. I used my sprayer for the first time last weekend. I made $385 with it the first day out. So the engine and pump I have is already paid for. They don't last as long as higher end pumps but they last long enough to throw them in the trash when they go bad and replace them. Just my 2 cents.

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