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Not arguing, just curious. I like to learn. Myself, I do 25 lawns a day. That is 8 hours of spraying. I have it almost exactly to $1/lawn based on all driving per day so I'm paying $25 in gas $10 is probably to first lawn and back so say $15 for 25 lawns so 60 cents per lawn. What is your fuel cost per stop? I have a fert and a herb pump and they last about 3 to 4 years at under $200 a pump each. 25 lawns x $50= $1250/day. Gas is 1.2% of billing so I'm not going to use gas cost as a factor. But what do you need to keep in suspension that settles without agitation? I suppose I need to factor in wear and tear but we use our trucks for 15 years so we drive them until they are not worth anything anyway.
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