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Originally Posted by SEB View Post
2 men at 15 hours @ $40 per hour to do the following
Pull 4 Yaupon Holly Bushs
Pull 8 Hawthorne Bushs
Pull 6 Nandina Bush & Pull root system
Pull out & dispose of 3 truck loads of old Mulch (AVERAGE 6ft BED)
Till up soil where they extended the flower bed towards right corner of house & along side of house
Lay down 3 Truck loads of Top Soil
Lay Landscape Fabric
Set Border Bricks in dirt

Customer was upset cause of the Bill at this point after 2nd day

My Bill broke down like this
$600 Labor for 2 men at 15 hours
$60 Fuel Charge for use of Truck to go take 3 loads to my property of old Mulch & dispose of Yaupon & Hawthorne & Nandina Bush's & for going & picking up Tiller & picking up 3 truck loads of dirt at 1 yard per load.
$100 to rent Tiller
$150 for 3 yards of dirt
$20 for reimbursement for Landscape stakes

Total of $930 for everything above

Also is the Landscaping Company suppost to eat the cost of renting a Tiller or Customer?

Thanks guys, Im still new at this!!!

These pictures are after all the Bushs had been pulled which took us 7 hours to pull & get flower bed clean of mulch & dump all of the Bush's & Mulch
You say 2 men at 15 hours that could be taken 2 different ways which I guess is why the wording of it bothers me. Does it mean you have 15 hours, in which case you should say 15 man hours I don't need to to know how many guys you had on the job I don't care. What I want to know was how long the job took plain and simple. It could mean 15 hours each man which would mean 30 man hours hence the problem with writing it the way you did I don't know what you meant.

If it's 15 hours than 600 for labor is on the money if its 30 that you left 600 on the table.

Fuel charges are gay your charging for your time and equipment is suppose to be calculated into your time. Now a dump fee for disposal is perfectly ok and you should be compensated for dumping but not for your fuel to get there.

Tiller rental you should be compensated for but I wouldn't write it in the bill I'll explain in a bit.

You said 3 yards of soil 150 that seems high for the purchase price but thats your call.

The way to write up the bill is this do not put in labor as a separate category. Instead come up with a price for each part of the job and write that down. Now these prices will not reflect the time you spent since I don't know it but your see what I mean.

Pull 4 Yaupon Holly Bushs $55
Pull 8 Hawthorne Bushs $130
Pull 6 Nandina Bush & Pull root system $130
Dump and disposal $60
Tilling and extending bed $225
Installed 3 yards of top soil $240
Lay Landscape Fabric $40
Set Border Bricks in dirt $50

Now I got the same $930 you got but my labor rates are not shown and the customer is happy you itemized the bill and it looks legit to her.
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