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Originally Posted by GaryBK View Post
Not arguing, just curious. I like to learn. Myself, I do 25 lawns a day. That is 8 hours of spraying. I have it almost exactly to $1/lawn based on all driving per day so I'm paying $25 in gas $10 is probably to first lawn and back so say $15 for 25 lawns so 60 cents per lawn. What is your fuel cost per stop? I have a fert and a herb pump and they last about 3 to 4 years at under $200 a pump each. 25 lawns x $50= $1250/day. Gas is 1.2% of billing so I'm not going to use gas cost as a factor. But what do you need to keep in suspension that settles without agitation? I suppose I need to factor in wear and tear but we use our trucks for 15 years so we drive them until they are not worth anything anyway.
Prodiamine (Resolute 65WG) is what gums up in the bottom of the tank without agitation. As far as my general business cost vs your general business cost, that's a whole nother can of worms. I thought your initial question was "why don't us gas engine guys use electric pumps?" I was only comparing gas engine style pumping vs 12 volt style pumping. The cost of my engine and roller pump is basically the same cost as my Delavan 12 volt pump. Since the cost is the same (almost), why not go with a gas engine? It maintains a constant pressure when spraying. It gives me more options when it comes to pumps. It doesn't affect the voltage on my pickup. I don't have to put unnecessary hours on my 12 thousand dollar diesel engine by idling in order to power a 12 volt pump. I can spray for 5 hours straight at whatever pressure I want without draining batteries down to the point where it jeapordizes the Fuel Injector Control Module in my pickup. If that $1,000 on-board computer doesn't receive enough juice from the batteries, my truck will not start. If you try to force it to start, you will toast that computer (don't ask how I know ).

I'm not arguing. I'm like you. I enjoy these kind of discussions. If I can pick up a few pointers from you and you can from me, then this forum has served it's purpose.

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