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Originally Posted by GlenAllenGM View Post
I am looking at a small job where they are interested in a landscape wall around a bed at the front of their house. They have a crape myrtle on the corner which they would like to keep, and the landscape bed has a TIGHT radius that comes to the corner of the house. The tighest radius i can do i THINK is going to be about 6 feet from the corner. obviously the radius is going to to go past the corner and connect on the side of the house. My question is if it would look funny if i did a half circle wall, then 90'ed straight into the corner of the house instead of doing a full 6 feet all the way to the side. I'm sort of thinking its not going to look normal. Would create a difficult spot to mow as well.

If done well, and I mean cutting and levelness then I think it would look great.
There is no written rule that it has to be done that way, when you think outside the box, people notice.
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