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Originally Posted by GaryBK View Post
A flow jet pump on 300' of 1/2" hose is what I use and its dual with 1/4" bonded to it. I use 1.25GPM/100ftsq and have absolutely no problems getting output. I do have a competitor that uses the same system I do and they agitate whatever their fertilizer is with a third electric pump. Have no idea why they need to agitate the fertilizer. I suspect it is because they are much bigger than me and are doing several houses on a block so they don't get the agitation I do from driving between lawns. My average houses are probably 5 blocks apart. Wasn't always that busy. We put a website up 3 years ago and business has doubled the last 2 years and will double again this year by all indications. I'm going to try to pick up a couple of those used TruGreen NPRs this winter. 2006 or newer.

Question on the boom system. I see everyone loving their PG rideons with booms. Average lawn size is probably 3000 square feet here now and lawns are getting smaller and smaller as new areas are developed. Do you somehow boom these areas or are we talking acreages?
I won't boom standard residential lawns. They're 5,000 sq ft or so in my area. I will only use it on the bigger areas. I handgunned 1.5 acres on Easter Sunday last weekend for a farmer I know. It was his personal house out in the country. I will use my gun around the trees, high line poles, etc. then jump on the mower and knock out the rest. I like the idea of having the nozzles at the same height at all times during the application as well as the same speed (stopper blocks to regulate how far my mower drive handles go down). I may invest in a push boom for small residential lawns like you're talking about. Until then, I'll just use my TeeJet Gun on them with my skid.
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