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Props to install companies

So earlier this year. My boss asked if I was willing to do all the bids for installs for him because he was busy with other things going on. I said sure

Like most companies we get a high amount of people inquiring about installing systems during spring time. Our company more focuses on the service and repair aspect. We only do about typically 10-15 installs a year. Except for 2013 we already have done like 17 installs.

So I did a bunch of bids, and landed a whole bunch. For the past couple weeks I've been installing about 2 systems a week ranging from 3-8 zones. I have a couple more weeks of solid installs booked up already. It's actually kinda cool to self generate my own work to the company..

Anyways I know there are a few companies out here that more focus on just the install process and I wanted to give props out. It's a lot of work!!

Good thing tho i've already dropped 15 pounds these past few weeks .
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