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Hey SoGro

I'll tell you about the two platforms I am familiar with. Both have a pretty good reputation and are reasonably inexpensive.

If you want an inexpensive DIY option, I would choose SquareSpace. It starts at $10/month, which includes the domain name and hosting as well. They have some great looking templates, and from what I understand the code in the back-end is sound. It is also Google-friendly, which will assist with your SEO.

You will need to spend some time building the website yourself, but there is no geeky stuff involved in getting a good-looking site. It will likely take you longer to write the words and take photos for your site, than it will to actually build it. They have some great instructional videos in the Support section of their site.

Many people tout WordPress as being the god of website builders/software/platforms. I use it, but there is a far greater learning curve compared with SquareSpace. It is also so flexible that the options can be a bit paralysing.

I would suggest that unless you are interested in spending time with ongoing maintenance, setting up your own back-ups and paying for quality hosting that includes good speed and security measures (such as through ZippyKid), it's probably not for you. The Wordpress software itself is free, but decent hosting is probably equivalent to what you'd spend with SquareSpace. You may also want to pay for a premium theme (with support) which tends to cost around $40 - $70.

Of course, once you get someone else to build a WordPress site for you, it can cost anything from around $500 - $5,000+. You could probably get something pretty decent for around $1,000 - $1,500, that is based on a pre-designed template. That may or may not also include your hosting.
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