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Corn Glutten? Kinda useless?

Well here in Ontario, Canada we are still under the herbicide and pesticide bans, so the good old Killex is no longer available. Lawn Care companies and home owners are struggling. The organic stuff just doesn't work, it seems to kill and actually turn the dandelions purple for a couple days, but the product is not strong enough to kill the roots, so they grow back up. Also seems like the dandelions have "evolve" over time and become more immune to products, drought weather, poor soils, rich soils, they just grow everywhere and anytime!

Even the biggest franchise in Canada (won't mentioned the name) that actually "Guaranteed" to remove weeds on their adds are totally useless. I see their little lawn signs everywhere on lawns and all of them are still full of dandelions.

Anyways last year was a total drought season from early Jully till the fall. And every single home owner was to cheap to pay the water bill so all of their lawns burnt up. This winter was very harsh, huge amount of snow, and the spring is almost a month late compared to last year, the only lawns that will have a advantage is the one with a good soil and rich in KGB.

Anyways this product from Scott's has a 10% natural organic fertilizer (corn glutten) that works as a pre-emergent weed killer. But it takes 4-6 weeks to take effect. So the question is, why do home owners buy them? Do they know know how it works?

Weeds don't take long to grow, in a couple of weeks once the warmer weather shows up, weeds will be growing everywhere.

Right now it is April 5, If you put down your corn gluten now, it would "technically" have effect from late April to the 2nd week of May.

I'm predicting to see warmer weather and weeds growing about the 2nd or 3rd week in April, maybe even the 4th. So by then the corn gluten is still to slow to take effect.

Maybe I'm wrong but whats the benefit of the corn gluten if every season the weeds grow faster then the corn gluten to take effect, fall applications maybe?
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