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Originally Posted by CreativeLawncareSolutions View Post
I have the card reader from paypal. As I understand they're all pretty similar, though.

If you're wanting to swipe someones card for a one time cut or something of that sort I'd charge a few dollar fee. For big landscaping jobs I wouldn't, though.

I've never used Paypal in any form - ever - for anything. When buying, or selling odds and ends online, I am constantly asked if I accept Paypal (again, not lawn care related), or that I can pay with it if I have it. (I don't)

Since you have Paypal Here, I figured I'd ask...

Let's say I sign up for the Paypal Here card reader.
I do a quote for an out of town owner of a rental property for a cleanup.
He agrees to the price and is willing to pay up front.

Can he pay via his regular Paypal account, or would I still need to get a credit card number from him and enter that manually?
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