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Originally Posted by dnc19694339 View Post
Yup, right now my dashboard says i sent 18 quotes out and 18 delivered but only 8 of them say "opened".

I called and asked them about this and they say oh we havent had anyone else with the same problems. Im to the point where I dont trust it sending out the estimates anymore. Im in pretty deep to stop using it for estimates now.

And yes, I also felt unprofessional when I verified there email address and resent the estimate to them two more times and they still were not getting them.

I ended up having to save a pdf of the estimate and send it through my gmail account to get it to go through. I am wondering if this problem stems from the fact that all our emails are being sent by SAP but with our address on them. My avast virus protection keeps saying that SAP is an unsafe fishing site??? I love what it does but I am losing confidence daily.
Try sending one to yourself then. See if you get it.
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