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I'm tossing around the same things. And was fishing for info in the Nutrisphere thread I started. Last year the 3 products I used were
28-0-10 w/50% xcu
34-0-0 100% xcu w/5% Fe
43-0-0 100 xcu

The year before that, I used 32-3-8 30%xcu w/2% Fe. I am not real concerned about the fe, since I'll run some in my May blanket app. I think I'm going N only. 43-0-0 100%xcu and 46-0-0 w/Nutrisphere coating. The latter is much cheaper and contains no sulfur. Most of soil have a ph in the upper 5's, so I don't really want to add much sulfur and not many people want 1-2 lime apps. BTW, this is in reference to bermuda, mostly rotary mowed,nonirrigated common or u3.
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