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Originally Posted by Lawn132012 View Post
When she said they wanted to extend the flower bed you should right at that point mentioned that the cost is going to be much higher or at least have thrown out a number (Like WEEZE said) or a range so that she would have an idea of how much it was going to cost. Saying something like "Extending the flower bed is going to double my original estimate" OR telling her that with just renting a tiller that is going to add $200 to the overall cost and the additional labor,etc could run another $500 or so. .

You do not tell them $250 and then slap a $1,000 as a final bill. Not good business. IT is HARD to build a good rep and VERY EASY to get a bad one in a town. Just a thought The loss of a few hundred now is better then getting SLAMMED in the future on future possible accounts. You will get known as the Ba estimate company.
I did tell her this! I called her before I rented the Tiller, I called her before I brought in soil. She was well aware that it was going to be more. I charged $600 in labor for all the work you see above. That is 2 men working 15 hours in two days. Total of 30 man hours invested between us two. That's $20 a man hour.

Had she not extended the flower beds the labor would have come in at $400, Which is still $50 more then my bid & prolly would have ate the $50. But once she wanted to go all the way around the side of the house. REFER TO PICS! That is when labor went up $200 which is about right. In the pics there is 3 large flower bed, TWO FRONT BEDS & EXTENDED BED ON SIDE OF HOUSE which makes 3 beds. If this is making sense with charging in short $200 per bed to pull up All the plants listed in first post & bring in new soil & till it & then put Landscape fabric down.

The only money August Landscaping made off the job was $600 in labor for 30 man hours & the other $330 was $150 FOR HER SOIL that I called her before I bought & $100 for renting the Tiller & $60 for FUEL in my truck to go get all this **** & $20 for HER landscaping stakes, I did a good job & I do good work! I know I bust my ass out there in the sun & im good at what I do. Im just still learning on some stuff on how to bid. But if anything, I think I under bid myself to get the job & then kick myself in the head for not bidding more. But more of what I need to learn is BE CLEAR ON MY BID & ANY CHANGES I WILL PUT IT ON PAPER & BID IT RIGHT THEN ON JOBSITE WITH CUSTOMER!
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