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Originally Posted by RigglePLC View Post
Taller ht of cut, and higher rates of nitrogen may help. Thicker grass is more weed resistant.
Perhaps also suggest to customers to over seed or switch to a more dense premium Kentucky bluegrass.
Naturally allowing the lawn to become thin or develop bare patches allows dandelions to increase as the seed is carried on the wind. Remember dandelion seed takes hold in late summer or fall. The plant has to achieve about 4 months old, and 6 inches in diameter to be strong enough to put up a blossom by the following spring.
Its possible that the organic iron compounds applied in fall would kill the new young dandelions easily...the dandelions in spring.

Meanwhile, hand out a receipe for dandelion wine and take heart...the yellow flowers are usually gone after two mowings.
I totally agree with what you are saying. KBG is probably the best type of turf around here for cool season grass but if I had a picture from last year I would show you, all the lawns on the streets where yellow.

When you reach a point that the lawn is covered by more then 50% of weeds it is very hard with no good product to kill the weeds. You let the grass grow higher and thicker, dandelions are already higher then the grass..
Over-seeding when the grass is 4" in height.. not enough sunlight for seeds.

Thanks for your input and the link Appreciated
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