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Gravity my friend, gravity. You've got an awesome trailer there & I hate to see you work so hard while that expensive well able piece of steel just sits there & lets you do all the lifting. Here's a pic of Thursdays Tee-Box 10 cubic yard topdressing. One advantage I had was to start at one end and spread the short distance as bent stripes then pull the truck forward 35' & refill the machine. After about one hour and 10 minutes I was finished. Which inclued a double pass. I didn't want to risk going too heavy & not having enough to cover the entire area so when I got to the end & had 4 hopper worths left I spread them lengthwise. All completed without one shovel scoop,,,,no not one. Didn't even have a shovel on the truck. The thing I have to be careful of is not depressing the brakes too sharply & creating a flow 'cause it totally wants to run downhill while raised like this.

You can see the orange Vibco Vibrator there so if it gets clumped up at times I'll give it a 4-6 second buzz to loosen things up & get some steady flow going.

By the looks of it I see you are not at least closing the back trailer doors after scooping off the rear 4 feet of material then raising the dump-box to bring the material to you. Lower the box flat again & re-open the doors & ya have another 4 feet to work with hanging right there off the edge.
I can't help but be thinking of ways to make work easier the whole time I'm working. It's so second nature like driving that you can utilize the time. I always ask new help if they see an easier or better way to do things. I'm not one of those "We've been doing it this way for 100 years" guys. Unless of course they suggest something I've already tried.
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