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Originally Posted by Digdeep View Post
I'd second the Virnig. the only thing I ever noticed was that you need to clean the material out behind the clam shell cylinders or it will eventually either break the rod or cause the seals to leak badly. There is no area between the bucket and the cylinder for dirt to fall away from, especially clay or sticky materials.
I have the Bobcat 4 n 1. Virnig makes a nice skeleton bucket so their quality of workmanship is nice.

On my Bobcat bucket, I wish the clam shell cutting edges were hardfaced or reinforced. Mine looks like a saw tooth pattern from all the chips, dents, and otherwise abuse it takes pulling posts and rocks. For the most part, my 4 n 1 has only been used with a toolcat so it's not getting a ton of force.
They are very heavy as-is, but if a manufacturer added reinforcement in a few areas, that would be my choice for bucket.

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