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Originally Posted by hosea View Post
Hello. My company is DNJ Landscaping. Using mass marketing tactics such as flyers and postcards are an excellent idea. You should do great this season
I agree...but 4.5k is not mass marketing, nor the original amount that you plan on doing.

Mass marketing??? Think like 40K at least. You can grow your company quick with mass marketing but it has to be in mass...a lot, a lot a lot.

I would start at 40K door hangers and then do at least another 10K every month, at the least.

Is door to door soliciting permitted in your service area? You might need a peddlers/solicitors license. Even if you've done it in the past with no complaints I would still double check with your city hall. It's too easy for someone to complain and try to "tarnish" your business reputation.
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