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Originally Posted by exmarkking View Post
All of this is good advise for you. We always buy trimmers, edgers and blowers new. We usually get 3-4 years out of them before buying new. That way you stay up with technology and don't end up with a machine that you can't get parts for. They are almost disposable now a days, which is sad. But they keep getting lighter, and more fuel efficient. Everyone is different, but we like to keep new stuff verse trying to make one last for 10 years. I feel it looks better to the customer also when you pull up with new stuff every couple of years.
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It just isn't true at all that stuff won't last for a long time. And the technology hasn't changed hardly at all except those 4 mix which are loser technolgy. I wish I could get all this stuff you guys throw away because I am getting 7 - 10 years of of stuff. And buying leading edge stuff can burn a person(i.e. BR600 blower). Oh I am Echo guy.
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