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Let me go through what you said about my post. First of all, stuff doesn't last as long as it use to. It just isn't build as well as things were in the past. Technology doesn't apply just to engines, although they are more file efficient. Think about plastics in today's time. Way better. Stronger, lighter, more heat resistant. Engines get more quiet, stronger. Rubber handles uv rays better. The most simplest, shortest way of answering you is, any company should be pricing their services to replace equipment every couple of years. I don't want to pull up to a job site with a 1972 model trimmer just because it hasn't died yet. We like to keep up with technology, have nice equipment on the truck, it's faster and easier to get the job done, which means more money. The original post was about a young guy in a trimmer bind. The cheapest solution was to get a carb and replace it himself. Now that's fine for someone just starting out and trying to get going, but once you establish yourself and get some cash flow going, you want to rotate out equipment every couple of years depending on use. Now you said you get 7-10 years out of a trimmer. You must be the only one running it on a couple of properties a week if I had to guess. I know first hand that a trimmer being used day in and day out for hundreds of hours a season by workers will usually never last 7-10 years.
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