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Mulch is a *****. Make your money$$$$. We get 60.00 a yard and pay $25.00 and thats an easy install. If we have to wheel barrow mulch for any distance or up hills it goes up to 65.00 to 70 per yard. Most customers want beds edged also. Charge for that. People hire us because they dont want to do it. By the time a home owner pays $38 bucks retail a yard and has it delivered they are up to roughly $48.00. You know joe homeowner is going to go buy a new rake and gloves and wheel barrow to do the job also. Now hes up to $58.00 a yard roughly. And buy the time he buys all the Ben Gay because his back is killing him, your worth your asking price. I wouldn't give it away by doing it hourly. I also remind the customer how much work it is and how much the retail price is while talking with them.
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