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Originally Posted by JFGauvreau View Post
... Weeds have been winning over the past 3 years. I'm dealing with lawns that have a minimum of 50% weed, but most of the time it is 75%, + very hard clay soils around here, extreme harsh winters with salt and no herbicides available. So for the major part of the home owners the best would be to start over with fresh sod or hydro-seeding, but everyone is to cheap.

Everything I can think of about cultivar practices only help the weeds as much as the grass when your dealing with 75% weeds in a lawn. A lot of it has to do with timing your services properly according to the time of the year, soil temp, weather etc. which is also tricky. Water is another issue, no one water theirs lawn here because of the water fees (which is not so bad actually). So if your going to do top dressing and over-seeding, you pretty much have to plan ahead for damp conditions because you can never rely on home owners keeping their lawn damp.
There is no reason for the lawns getting worse for 3 years in a row... I did the first 15 years of my working carreer with NO 'cides at all and still improved them over time...
It was when the h.o.s wanted the 'perfect',,, lawn that 'cides came into vogue...

I did not have even 15% weeds back then, even on the hardest clay soils or the sandiest sandy soils...

How is your Dormant Seeding conditions looking??? Looking hopeful or non-existant???
Is it a tool that you use to develop healthy lawns??? blaming the client for failure isn't going to accomplish anything... I'm not trying to offend you,,, but it doesn't sound like you're up to speed at doing EVERYTHING possible... if you already know it all then I guess I'll shutup from now on...

We lost a lot of grass last year because the h.o.s didn't irrigate adequately and MOST of our grass plantings last Fall didn't even try to come up... but I did dormant seed before winter and I'm expecting that when the ice is gone,,, there will be germination a few weeks later... If I have to do some hand weeding,,, so be it... I do not allow 50% weeds,,, no matter what...

There are ways of making cool-season lawns excellent and bringing them into maturity is the best anyways... 'cides are crutches for weak and dependant lawns anyways,,, so the sooner you deal with that reality the sooner you'll find a way to deal with the ban,,, legally...
Now that I know that clay's texture(platelets) has nothing to do with water infiltration, percolation, or drainage
,,, I wonder what does...
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