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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
When the first words out of the mouth calls me a horse's @... ,,, I usually ignore them,,, but sometimes I respond in kind,,, either way those comments do not come from PEOPLE...
Errrr, I was calling your unsubstantiated rambling horse shiit. Get it right.

Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
When I criticize CGM,,, it is based on its merit, not on my feelings...
and as long as you are here tell us about the success stories of CGM and how it prevented CG and allowed you to germinate turf grass over the 2 years required to get 80% function...
We'd love pictures also...
We love substantiated, scientifically valid claims and data as well, like what you see coming from Christian's, not some yahoo on a forum throwing around claims and accusations without a shred of evidence to support his assertions.

Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
Speaking of gov't corruption and waste,,, check out the money going to IA Uni. to recreate(artificially) a pre-m becuz artificially created pre-m is unacceptable...
I don't know if that is technically irony or not,,, so instead of calling it ironic I just call it stupid... if anyone is feeling 'bashed' becuz I ridicule gov't waste, then I guess that is how you feel... not being PC about some pansy's emotions,,, is not the same as bashing...
So you know where all of Christian's research grants came from and what research they were for? I haven't seen you post that information ..... perhaps you would like to enlighten us with it?
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