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Originally Posted by Richard Martin View Post
Dry Gas is usually made up of one of two alcohols. Either isopropyl alcohol or methanol. They have the same effect on gasoline and water as ethanol does. The water binds to the alcohol and separates from the gas. When you add alcohol to water it lowers water's freezing point.
Richard, I'm guessing you know more about this subject than I, but I must admit you are confusing me. You stated previously that water would bind with ethanol and precipate from the solution. This statement about "dry" gas seems to contradict that, and meshes with what I had always understood, that adding alcohol to gasoline causes the water molecules to bind with the alcohol (remember Heet?), allowing them to pass through the filters and harmlessly be burned off, rather than collecting in the filter, eventually blocking the fuel flow, and/or collecting in the bowl of the carb.

Which is actually correct? Thanks. Neill
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