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Originally Posted by SEB View Post
I did suggest this! But the customer wanted to handle getting the mulch.

I just don't want to Overbid the customer. I really want to see the job through & finish it. I offered the customer that I would come back out tomorrow & plant the plants & put out the 30 bags of mulch & would not charge her anything to do it. Cause its important to me that my customer is Happy & I would rather lose a little money then to have a bad name.
First off - the only way you know if you overbid a job is when you see someone else doing it. That means they were cheaper.
Secondly - you have to fight for your money. There are customers that will fight you so that they can keep the money they owe you. You better get good at discussing everything up front, and always be ready to make it perfectly clear in a professional manner that you want every penny that is owed to you - no exceptions - its called business.
You will suffer in the long run with that give-away-attitude. Never give your work away. If someone is not happy with that job and getting it done for free is the only thing that will make them happy - tell 'em to do it themselves.
Now when she tells her neighbors how inexpensive your work is and how she got you to do a lot of it for free, you will be covered up with cheap, non-paying work. Not a good reputation to have. Wouldn't you like it better if people said, "he does great work, but he's not cheap"? That is how I recommend my friends to clients - great work, not cheap.

Those pics look good - you did good work - get paid for it.
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