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Originally Posted by greendoctor View Post
You can still change those tips to AI tips. The brass flat fan tips drift badly. I remember when that was all that Teejet really made for booms. An AI tip draws air into the stream of liquid. Air in the liquid means that the tip sprays out air filled bubbles that fall to the ground quickly and burst when they hit surfaces. That air filled bubble behaves like the lead balloon. It goes straight down. If you are spraying something with a lot of surfactant in it, the spray comes out like foam. An AI tip is also 110, meaning that you can have the boom 18" off the ground at 20" spacings. I am not sure of what your ground speed is going to be, so it is hard to say how many GPA. On wide open areas, I have applied at 20 GPA with good results. I am not comfortable going lower because of drift potential and the need for spray coverage. 5-10 GPA means either small spray droplets from the tips or else large droplets landing far apart.
Thank you for the advice Greendoctor. I will switch to AI tips. Here was my thinking (and I'm open to suggestions)... I read that the nozzles needed to be at 20" on center if the boom was going to be 20" above the turf. I watched a lot of you tube videos and I didn't like what I saw when spraying at that height. Looked like a mist with major drift potential. So I thought that if I cut the height in half I would need to cut the spacing in half as well. 10" centers for 10-12" height vs 20" centers for 20" height. My theory was that the closer I am to the turf, the less distance for the droplets to land and be out of the air/wind currents. Adding the extra nozzles cost more, but still enabled me to get the same width of boom I wanted, but yet allowed me to mount it closer to the ground. This was my theory. I have no boom spraying experience at all. This is uncharted territory for me. Here are my needs: I would like to have the boom as close to the ground as possible 12"-15". I want it to cover 60" spray width (the same as my mowing deck). Speed can be adjusted on my mower as the Hustler X-One has built in stopper bolts in front of each hydraulic handle that can be screwed back and forth to limit how far down the handles go when pushed all the way forward. Top speed is 11 mph. I was thinking 5 or 6mph would be a good speed to spray at. I will calibrate this on concrete with a stop watch and the mph conversion, then set the stopper bolts where they need to be. As for the gpm or gallons per thousand, I am open to suggestions/instructions. This system will be used for post emergent blanket apps. Sprayer is 25 gallons/Everflow 2.2 gpm/70 psi pump.
Side note... I have a Delavan Fat Boy 7.0 gpm pump/150 psi on stand by if I need to use it instead. Thanks.
All spray nozzles are 1/2 hose barbs, so I will be going 1/2" hose from the pump outlet to the boom.
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