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Originally Posted by steheap View Post
Does the carburettor on one of these sort of engines need cleaning after 6 years?


Your lucky if you've made it that long without cleaning the carb.....

Originally Posted by steheap View Post
it improves when I do "something" makes me think this is related to dirt in the system somewhere.
The most common "something" your repeating is starting the engine and turning it off......

Here's my theory as to what's happening;

There's possibly a piece of trash floating around in the float bowl, When the engine is running fine the trash is clear of the main jet. Bouncing across a yard this trash can float into the main jet port reducing fuel delivery, Once the engine is shut down the suction on the main jet stops and the trash moves clear of the jet until it works it's way back into the path.

Some may be thinking far fetched, But I've seen and found this more than a couple times.

Also found this in a few carbs;

This is a gel substance that accumulates in carbs due to this sorry ethanol fuel and moisture buildup from storage/sitting, Once this crap was cleaned out the units ran as normal again.

I'd suggest a carb clean and see how it runs afterward.......
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You never learn anything until you admit you don't know it all...
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some times the man in my mirror isn't so smart...
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