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Originally Posted by Snydermf View Post
Ferris def. has the best ride on the market! If you're the one driving it and you're going to be doing this for years, save your back and get the Ferris, I own my second and third now and will replace them with more Ferris when they wear out! If you can get the suspension seat option, the ride is just like a car, trust me its worth the money up front, spend the Extra $500 now for the seat and save the thousands later on your back. (at least that's what I decided). They are easily on par with the others for cut quality and machine durability but ahead in ride comfort.
Hey there, do you find there is any issue with cutting unevenly if you turn around on a slight undulation? like does the suspension squat to one side and effect the deck in any way? For eg if i have 1 tyre lower psi then the other I will find the deck scalping on one side & generaly it will cut lower on that side all the time. so im wondering if this idea would be the same.

considering the option of a 3100
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