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At 10" spacings and 12" above the turf, an AI11002 will work. Refer to the Teejet catalog for the nozzle tabulations. If you know tip size, spacing on the boom, operating pressure, and travel speed of the vehicle, it is not too hard to calibrate. As I was saying, 20-40 gallons per acre or 1/2-`1 gallon per 1000 sq ft is a comfortable volume for applying weed controls. What you saw on those youtube videos are regular or XR Teejet tips. I really do not like those tips when applying what I usually do in a 10 MPH wind. XR tips are something I use for liquid fertilizers only. Never for herbicides. I trust floodjet tips even less because of the wide, poorly defined pattern they put out. I know for myself that using AI tips means that nothing next to or downwind of the lawn gets herbicide injury. The faster the travel speed, the worse the drift is. For turf areas, 2-5 MPH is fast enough. If it is not, the boom is not wide enough and the tank is too small. Within reason, there is no such thing as too much pump. I have never used an electric pump for spraying. But 6 tips will draw anywhere from 1.2-4.8 GPM. It is always better to have more volume that can be bypassed back into the tank through an agitation jet.
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