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dhale1500, I'm not at all surprised reading of your disappointment with the removal process. Over a year ago, I had a Davey arborist at my place to discuss some other non-Imprelis related issues and we got to talking about how much DuPont was willing to pay as part of the direct resolution process and he told me it was not enough to really take care of things in the way most homeowners expected. For instance, they weren't paid enough nor instructed to perform full soil remediation. So, basically shallow dig, some only would get stumps grinded, no full removal of the contaminated roots, and to top it off it was suspect what size tree would be brought in to replace what was lost or what grade of tree. He even pointed out an example that my white pine, which wasn't that big, would not be replaced with the same size because the compensation wasn't enough. In fact, he said the so-called extra 15% compensation property owners thought they would receive for just their trouble was actually getting eatin' up by the whole process and homeowners he knew were upset and very disappointed in what they really got. For some who had a privacy hedge, they can't just have roots left and stumps grinded since they sometimes can't just replant beside the effected area, such as along a driveway or patio. I was even told once by a DuPont rep that mine would just be grinded down. When I said, "you mean I can never replant in the exact area again? That's my privacy hedge!" they became silent. Some who didn't really care about replacing trees, privacy or landscaping seemed okay though since the loss of the trees wasn't much of a concern to them.

I'm sorry to hear about what you're going through. You are not alone.

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