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I would just use different washers to adjust your height, you said it needs to be within 1/8", no mower is that accurate from the factory, most only have 1/2" adjustment and a few have 1/4" adjustment. With the turf tracer you can fine tune the height by placing or removing washers from the height adjustment pins. But it looks like you got a new mower anyways, good for you.
You can raise the height that way but if it is high, your screwed. Taking out the original washer is not an option. Any new mower should come within a minimum of 1/4" of specified height.

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Very stange. Toro does have floating deck hydros. 30488 and 30489. 48" and 52"
Yes they do, but they have those screwed up controls. There is a rumor that they are going to offer a pistol grip version in the next few years.
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