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Looks like there is a potential for snow starting tmrw night and through Thursday. My truck is at my dad's friend's house/shop getting oil cooler lines and some other things fixed, I figured this would be a good time to do it, the transition period! And my plow has been at my grandparent's house 30 miles away for a couple weeks now, this storm is an inconvenience for sure.

But I've decided to keep my Viking and install the ECS controls kit replacing the pistols, got it almost all the way installed yesterday, just had to pick up some spacers and I'll finish the rest of it this week and waiting on a new recoil for it which should arrive tmrw or Wed. Also mounted the dethatch rake and awaiting arrival of a dethatch rake mount for my Scag also. Ordered a bagger from with an extra mount kit (1 for each mower) and replacement closing strap, installed the GoSlide too. Ordered Fastraps from today too. Very excited to get everything on and ready and then once the snow we're supposed to get melts, sending out the rest of my advertising!

Shot of my Scag a few days after buying it.
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