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Originally Posted by hav0k View Post
What riding lawnmower do you guys prefer? I'm told Farris is very good, I'm also told Toro likes to breakdown alot and what not.

What are your suggestions?
I know everyone has their preference and every mower breaks down but I'm going to stick up for the Toro line. We ran old school proline walk behinds, newer prolines, and they were all great mowers. Some of them are still running (about 15 years old) and were beat. Had a Toro Z500 and it was an awesome mower. never let me down. Anyway everyone will tell you their mower is best just like me... I personally wouldn't buy a Ferris, hear their cut isn't great but that could be just a bunch of BS. For the right price though I guess I would buy any mower.

This year I got a John Deere 667 stander. Older unit but low hours. 60 inch cut. First piece of equipment that has hit my trailer that hasn't been Toro Red since I had a badass Simplicity riding tractor about 8 years ago. That was hands down the best riding tractor ever. Anyway anybody have any experience with a a Deere 667 or comparable wright mowers??
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