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Let's take a minute to talk business

A lot of topics and conversations here revolve around the hardware and methods in which to do work- granted, I share a certain attraction to the Iron that comes with this business.

However, I find that one can only "equip" themselves so much. We currently have a great group of employees and are pretty well equipped (Never perfect and always looking to change, but we have the tools and equipment to do most jobs in our realm. Anything we don't have we can rent).

Lately I have been spending a lot of time thinking about marketing, leads, and volume of work. Doing the work is easy enough, it's finding the work and keeping the pipeline full that proves more of a challenge.

For the last couple of years we have probably done right around $300k in sales per year- We have the time and capacity to increase to 4-500k but find ourselves out of work at times.

Anyone have any great ideas or insight?

We get a decent number of jobs from websites, referrals, and find new leads through trade shows and some very selective direct marketing-(special packages sent to builders, etc)

What are your goals for the sales department of your business?
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